Get Back To Brooklyn

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Mike talks about the Islanders being down 3-0 heading into Game 4 Friday night in Carolina and the need to just focus on getting back to Game 5 in Brooklyn Sunday night. Jay Berman joins to give his thoughts on if the Isles can extend the series Friday night

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One thought on “Get Back To Brooklyn

  1. Five years into my life as an islanders fan. Couldn’t resist changing alliances when the team moved down the block. Wasn’t sure it would stick but ever since year one I’ve been all in.

    As such I would normally be a defender of Barclays as I remember what it was like vs Florida four years ago. Thought it was the fans and not the building that mattered.

    Can’t say that anymore. Maybe it’s the way they priced the tickets but there was just no energy in the lower half.

    I’d gladly drive an hour an a half to be in the coliseum – just wouldn’t be there as much. Return of Tavares was the best sporting event I’ve ever attended. Games 1 & 2 vs Pittsburgh were phenomenal. I had no clue who Shawn Bates was at the time and yet couldn’t stop chanting his name in my head for days after game 2. So genuine and spantaneous. It’s all that vs the Barclays staff approaching us and telling us to go crazy at the next break when the camera is on or drowning out a “Lehner” chant with manufactured music trying to get us going vs just letting us get there on our own.

    Don’t know if I wanted this more for myself and my daughter or for the longer standing fanbase I have come to respect and admire so much. I told my daughter that the ultimate victory is that much sweeter when you have suffered to get there so be patient.

    Great year. Great team. Great fans. Great stadium. They should play the whole season there. Even I can’t deny it any more.

    Carl Brown (Brooklyn)

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